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Using the database

Anyone can view the database, but to add or edit projects you will need to register on your first visit, and then login subsequently (if your organisation is authorised).
The database allows Council services and partner agencies to enter the details of any consultation, engagement or participation activity they are proposing.

  • It is vital to use the database at this initial stage you may find someone else has already carried out similar work that will meet your needs; or another agency could usefully add a few questions to your survey (and so save time & money).

When work has progressed, please go back and edit your project adding details on respondents, project plans, questionnaires and final reports.

The more comprehensive the database is, the more valuable it will prove to be!

We want to:

  • develop a programme of consultation activity
  • ensure that activity is co-ordinated, duplication avoided and lessons can be learned
  • avoid consultation overload
  • provide better value for money

The requirement to involve and consult is ever increasing, and so it is vital for agencies within Sandwell to use this database so we can work to co-ordinate activity across the Borough.


Who can help and advise?

If you need any further information on the Consultation database, or would like to discuss any consultation or involvement work you are proposing, please contact Research Sandwell.

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