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Making the most of the list of current datasets.

  • You can access the list of current datasets from the home page or this User Tips page.
  • If you click on the link you'll see a full A-Z list of datasets currently available on Sandwell Trends.

Top Tip:

If you click on the '+' icon next to a dataset name, as well as a full description of the dataset, you'll be able to see a summary of the headline findings of that dataset. Useful when writing reports!

Example Queries:

Have a go at finding the following information (click on the question to find the answer, and one of the ways to find it)

  • Answer: 22,200
  • From the homepage, go to the Sandwell in Brief box in the centre of the screen, and click on read more facts and figures.
  • On the next page, scroll down to the bottom, where you'll find "further information".
  • Click on 2009 mid-year population estimates by age, and click open when prompted.
  • Look for the number of 40-44 year olds on the spreadsheet.
  • Answer: 87
  • From the homepage, click on analyse data in a tabular format on the interactive tools menu.
  • Select Perception surveys as the area of interest, and Place Survey as the sub-area.
  • Then find the topic Feeling Informed about Local Services.
  • For the theme, you can select anything you want to, as it's the total number you need, and all analyses will return the numbers for all groups.
  • Select towns as the geography, as you want the result for Smethwick.
  • Click on Submit.
  • The table I produced was for age groups, and the all figures are right at the bottom. To sort them up to the top, I clicked on the All respondents column title to sort into ascending order, and then again to get descending order (as the all figures will be the largest).
  • Note that the Smethwick all figure is on the 3rd row of the table.
  • Scroll across using the bar at the botttom of the table, to find the column which gives the number of people who feel well informed overall about their local public services.
  • Answer: 1st
  • From the homepage, click on national indicator benchmarking tool on the interactive tools menu.
  • Select NI 166 as the National Indicator, and Met Districts as the region.
  • The data will display automatically.
  • From the second table you can find Sandwell's quartile position.
  • Answer: 23.4 percentage points
  • From the homepage, click on Census 2001 key statistics on the interactive tools menu.
  • Select neighbourhood as boundary 1, and Park Estate as area 1.
  • Click yes for compare this to another boundary, and then select Local Authority as boundary 2 and Sandwell as area 2.
  • Select ethnicity as the category you want to display. The data will display automatically.
  • The final column of the table gives the differences in the percentage values between the areas.
  • Answer: 9%
  • From the homepage, click on analyse data using our chart technology on the interactive tools menu.
  • Select Customer Insight as the area of interest.
  • Then select the topic MOSAIC 2009 and for the data series select proportion of postcodes.
  • The theme is MOSAIC Groups, and the sub-theme is All.
  • Select column for the chart type - this will provde data labels.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Read the figure from the resulting graph for Group O.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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  • Much of the data we have published has come from external sources such as the Office for National Statistics, other data has been gathered using local surveys.
  • There is also some operational data available (which Sandwell Council gathers from its own records). All of this data has been checked to ensure the quality is high and the resulting figures are correct.
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