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Theme : Deprivation & Income

  • DescriptionIndices of Multiple Deprivation 2004, 2007 and 2010 by LSOA. Score, Rank and National Decile. Overall IMD, Domains and Sub-domains: Income, Employment, Health Deprivation and Disability, Education, Skills and Training, Childcare and Young People Sub-domain, Skills sub-domain, Barriers to Housing and Services, Geographical Barriers sub-domain, Wider barriers sub-domain, Crime, Living Environment, Indoors sub-domain, Outdoors Sub-domain, Income deprivation affecting children index, Income deprivation affecting older people index. Although the IMD is an LSOA level dataset, a score has also been calculated for other geographies on Sandwell Trends but it should be noted that these are only approximations.
  • Headline FindingsSandwell's average deprivation score has worsened in the ID 2010, climbing two places to become the 12th most deprived local authority out of a total of 326. It had previously climbed two places between the ID 2004 and 2007, from 16th to 14th place. Sandwell's regional neighbour Birmingham is also in the most 20 deprived Local Authorities by average score (ranked 9th).
    When deprivation amongst local authorities is judged by average rank Sandwell is ranked 9th most deprived. By this measure Sandwell is the worst performing local authority in the West Midlands region.
    * The percentage of Sandwell’s LSOAs in the most deprived 10% has increased slightly since 2004. Just over 30% of Sandwell's LSOAs fall into this bracket. This includes three LSOAs in the most deprived 1% nationally, compared with only one in 2007 and none in 2004. 
    * A further 28.3% of Sandwell's LSOAs fall into the most deprived 10-20% nationally, clearly displaying the high levels of deprivation prevalent in large parts of the Borough.
    * No LSOAs in Sandwell fall into the least deprived 20% of LSOAs nationally.
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Desc Output
IMD : All : 2007 : LSOA
IMD : All : 2007 : Ward
IMD : All : 2010 : LSOA
IMD : Health deprivation and disability : 2010 : LSOA
IMD : IMD : 2007 : LSOA
IMD : IMD : 2007 : LSOA
IMD : IMD : 2007 : MSOA
IMD : IMD : 2007 : Ward
IMD : Income deprivation affecting children index : 2010 : LSOA
IMD : Income deprivation affecting older people index : 2010 : LSOA
IMD : Indoors sub domain : 2004 : LSOA
IMD : Indoors sub domain : 2010 : LSOA
IMD : Wider barriers sub domain : 2004 : LSOA
IMD : Wider barriers sub domain : 2010 : LSOA

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