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Theme : Perception Surveys | Sub Theme : Place Survey

  • DescriptionQ29:How is your health in general?
  • Headline FindingsThe majority of respondents say their health is good; overall, three in five (64%) say good, although more say it is good rather than very good (38% and 26% respectively). 8% say it is bad, including 1% very bad. This gives Sandwell an NI 119 score of 64% - the % of people who say their health is either very good or good. This figure is the lowest out of 69 Mets and London Boroughs, and compares with a national average of 75.8%.
    * Younger residents are more likely to say their health is good compared with their older counterparts (83% 18-34 year olds compared with 43% aged 65+).
    * Tenure is also closely related to health status, with owners and private renters more likely to say they are in good health (70% and 81% respectively) compared with those living in socially rented accommodation (44%).
    * Residents in Tipton are also less likely to say their health is good (51%) whilst perceptions of good health are highest amongst residents of Wednesbury (70%).
    Further information is available on the Place Survey topic page.
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Desc Output
General health : Age of respondent : 2008/09 : Town
General health : Gender : 2008/09 : MSOA
Health:General health:Age of respondent:2008/09
Perception Surveys:Place Survey:General health:Age of respondent:2008/09

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Theme : Environment

  • DescriptionEnvironment
  • Headline FindingsGreen Aware classifies households according to their likely attitude to the environment.
    * The majority of households in Sandwell are classified as "confused but well behaved" in terms of environmental issues.  The highest proportion of these households are in Wednesbury (28.3%).
    * Wednesbury also has a large proportion of households who are "constrained by price" (31.1%).
    * A relatively large proportion of households in Smethwick are classified as "wasteful and unconvinced" (24.5%).
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Desc Output
Environment:Green Segmentation (By Geography):Green Segment:2010:LSOA

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