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Theme : Perception Surveys | Sub Theme : Place Survey

  • DescriptionNI 002: Extent to which you feel you belong to your immediate neighbourhood
  • Headline Findings53% of respondents feel they belong to their immediate neighbourhood (NI 2), although most of these say fairly rather than very strongly (42% and 11% respectively). Again, this is lower than the Metropolitan/Unitary average and England as a whole (57% and 59% respectively).
    * Those in Tipton are most likely to feel strongly that they belong to their local area.
    * Age appears as a strong influence on community cohesion, with those aged 55 or over significantly more attached to their immediate neighbourhood (69% compared with 53% overall).
    Further information is available on the Place Survey topic page.
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Desc Output
Belonging to neighbourhood : Gender : 2008/09 : Ward
Belonging to neighbourhood : NI002: Proportion of people who strongly feel they belong to their immediate neighbourhood. : Age of respondent : 2008/09
Perception Surveys:Place Survey:Belonging to neighbourhood:Age of respondent:2008/09
Perception Surveys:Place Survey:Belonging to neighbourhood:Ethnicity Level 2:2008/09

UnhideHide Blue Badge holders

Theme : Health

  • DescriptionPersons with current car badge registrations on SWIFT system (snapshot 13th Feb 2012). Includes some postcodes outside Sandwell - resident in Sandwell at the time of registration.
  • Headline FindingsThere are 18,126 current blue badge registrations, of which 18,102 can be mapped within Sandwell. The pattern of distribution of badge holders in the borough does not appear to be related to the pattern of deprivation. If anything, visual comparison suggests the reverse.

UnhideHide Business Starts by Quarter

Theme : Economy & Skills

  • DescriptionEconomy & Skills
  • Headline FindingsDuring the second quarter of 2010, there were 572 new business starts in Sandwell, compared with 508 in the first quarter. This represents a quarterly start-up rate of 2.5 new businesses per head of working population.
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Desc Output
Economy & Skills:Business Starts by Quarter:No Theme:All Dates:Ward

UnhideHide Business Starts by Year

Theme : Economy & Skills

  • DescriptionEconomy & Skills
  • Headline FindingsDuring 2009, there were 1896 business start-ups in Sandwell, compared with 2009 during 2008.
    * In 2009, the highest number of business starts were in Soho and Victoria, West Bromwich Central, and St. Pauls wards.
    * The lowest start-up rates are in Tividale, Princes End and Tipton Green.
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Desc Output
Economy & Skills:Business Starts by Year:No Theme:All Dates:Ward

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