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Research Sandwell and its partners have scheduled publication of a series of briefing notes, fact sheets and methodology briefs. Briefing notes are in-depth explorations of a particular topic, aimed at policy makers and interested members of the public who want to delve into the detail of a particular issue. Factsheets are statistical digests with minimal interpretation, but plenty of useful figures around a topic. Finally, methodology notes focus on research methods and upcoming studies which may be of interest to our website users.

Over the coming months, we will continue to develop a programme of publications on a series of issues relevant to workers and residents in Sandwell. If you have a specific issue you'd like to see addressed in one of these notes, please get in touch with us, using our contact details.
Research Facts
Last Update Title Supporting Information
Sep 2008 Fact Sheet 1: Participation in Higher Education None available
Nov 2008 Fact Sheet 2: Disability and Impairment None available
July 2011 Fact Sheet 3: Sandwell Facts and Figures None available
July 2011 Fact Sheet 4: Children in Sandwell None available
Feb 2011 Fact Sheet 5: Educational Attainment None available
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